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Payments FAQ

I don't see a payment sent to me from myself or from a third party:

First, make sure you've reported the payment using the "Add" flow, here's an explanation for thatr business account or private account.
The wallet will be updated at the closest time frame of Dailey's approvals: Sun-Thu: 9:00, 12:00, 14:00, 16:00 | Fri: 9:00, 12:00

I reported a different amount/date than the payment:

Don't worry, just make another report with the correct information, and the second report will be deleted automatically

I want to add a new currency to my account:

No problem, there is no limit on the number of coins and you can always add more! Just check this article if you have a Business account, or this one if you are a Private user.

Can I cancel a payout?

Canceling payments depends on payment status. It is important to check if the payment was completed or not.
Ready to send - In this case, the payment is not completed yet. If you wish to cancel it, you can reach out and submit a request to our support team via chat.
Completed - This means the payment went through and canceling it may result in additional fees. you can reach out and submit a request to our support team via chat.

Why am I getting the "maximum usage reached" error when trying to send money?

It means that you sent to this beneficiary over the limit according to the type and the information you provided on the beneficiary. You can contact us via chat if something is unclear.

What do you mean by "bank code"?

A bank code is a code assigned to a bank.
For example: the code for Poalim is 12
If you are not sure what your bank code is, you can look it up online

Updated on: 01/01/2024

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