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New Okoora Dashboard

General Explanation:
Welcome to the new Okoora dashboard!
This main control area will help you manage your currency risks and opportunities and take smart actions according to the market rates.

Open a new wallet:
To create a wallet you need to choose a pair of currencies:

Main currency:
As a first step, you need to choose your main currency (the one you report to the financial statements).
More currencies:
Choose the currencies you are interested in, such as currencies used for payments to suppliers, receiving from customers, purchases, various expenses, and different invoices.
This section is divided by the currencies you want to buy or sell.
Just so you know, you can choose multiple currencies- each currency will open a new wallet.

Dashboard overview:

Free balance:
The free balance section presents the balance available in this currency.

Open Invoices:
This is a quick view of the "Purchases" tab.
It shows the status of the invoices you uploaded and summarizes the profit and loss.

Current hedge:
Presents the current hedge amount and the total exposure

Market risk graph:
Presents the current risk level for the currencies pair selected comparing the last 60 days

Future exchange rate:
A currency future (also called an FX future), is a contract to exchange currencies on a future date at a fixed price (exchange rate).
Please note that this section changes when moving between wallets.

Convert now:
Converting currencies according to the currencies defined in the wallet. This activity will be shown on both wallets. The rates are constantly updated according to the market rate.

Protect your funds (Safe up/ Range up) trading consecutive up/down days means going against the most recent momentum. Use our profit/loss simulator

The '+' button:
Here you can create a new alert, new payment, new convert, and new hedge.

The diary:
This section presents your past and future activities. You can change the resolution for week/month.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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