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Invite Users

The number of users and permission types are determined based on the license you purchased (Number of users is assigned with each package).
You can always edit the permissions according to your needs. At any given moment you can:
Add/remove users.
Change permissions.
Update personal information.

You can always upgrade the package based on your activity and increase the number of users. Each permission refers to the type of actions the user is allowed to make. Here are the 3 types of Permissions:
Admin - Comprehensive management permission. Allows you to invite users, update permissions and execute operations fully on the platform. This includes opening a smart board, adding, and deleting data, and performing any type of transactions in the account, including signature.
Editor - Partial and restricted permission that allows you to update data and execute partial operations. The editor role is not able to edit the details of other users and attach other users.
Signer - Permission to release the payments at the multi-pay board.

To invite users you need to go to Settings and select "Invite users":

You need to provide information about the user you want to invite and choose the role of the user, don't worry you can change the role later.
Only Admin users can invite users to the account.

Updated on: 12/06/2023

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