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Send Money (For private users)

Sending money allows you to send money to yourself or someone else.
You can choose between 2 sending options: Create payment manually or Upload invoice file

Create payment manually
Single payment by beneficiary, the money will debited immediately from your current balance up to the current rate.
If you've sent to this account before, you can find it in the "Select Beneficiary" list or "Add New" if this is the first time you're sending to this account.

If you select "Add New" you will be required to manually fill in the account information. Your beneficiary needs to be approved by us first, we verify the beneficiaries all the time so if it is still "pending" just wait a few minutes.

Upload invoice file:
If you have an invoice file you can upload it here and the payment will be automatically created.
You can upload several invoices here and make several payments

Payment FAQ

Updated on: 12/19/2023

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